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Visualise what data social networks collect in an easy to understand way

Price of Social Media

Arguably, data is one of the most precious resources of the 21st century and due to its value, it has long become a form of payment. In the end, everybody should decide for themselves whether they want to pay with the data a service is requiring, but I believe everybody has the right to know exactly what data will be collected off of them, which is why I think it would be a good idea if companies started handing out receipts for the data they collect from their users.

I created this project for my typography class in my second semester at the University of Applied Sciences Munich. The overarching topic for the project was “Typography in my…”, interpreted by me as “Typography in my wallet” choosing to focus not on money, but receipts from various stores.

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8 of the receipts I researched and designed

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Every receipt this simple web app “prints” for a given social network is unique to that network, showing the data it collects from its users. Each piece of data is labelled according to whether it’s essential for the service, automatically collected, or optional, similarly to how different items might be labelled differently on a real receipt depending on what amount of VAT applies to them. I looked at the privacy policies of nine different social networks to create these receipts and each unique receipt is based on one I had in my wallet at the time.

8 of the receipts I researched and designed