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Create a social network focussed on creative writing

Untold Stories

Untold Stories is a creative writing group originally founded in 2014 at LMU Munich. I was one of its first members and have been a part of the group ever since. Originally, we were using Moodle to share our writing and then discuss it during our fortnightly or weekly meetings, but that quickly became cumbersome and didn’t provide a clear and streamlined experience. That’s why I started researching and eventually building a small social network for the group, which launched as a first version in early 2016.

As the group grew and my skills as a designer and developer evolved, so did our needs and expectations to the platform, which is why I rewrote it from scratch in 2019 and re-launched it in its current form. This new architecture makes it easy to extend and allows me to keep adding useful features. In 2020 I launched brand new Inspiration section, as well as new features geared around the fact that the pandemic forced us to hold our meeting online.

On top of maintaining the social network, I also periodically help out with various print related tasks such as layouting our semi-regular publications and creating images and animations for our other social media channels.

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Various screens of the Untold Stories social network
Screenshot showing various user related options switching from a light to a dark theme

Being a progressive web app, the Untold Stories social network can be installed on almost any device running a supported browser for an even more immersive experience. Features like push notifications, smooth animations, adaptive navigation and the option to follow the dark mode preferences of the device round off the experience.

Illustration showing a smiling dinosaur holding a sign with a heart

Everything, from the choice of fonts, the custom iconography, to the use of a cute illustration style is geared towards a friendly and delightful user experience. Untold Stories is about creativity, getting the ink flowing and having fun with a familiar group of like-minded individuals.

A screenshot of the stats screen in the dark theme showing over a thousand posts and comments, as well as almost 160 active users and over 20 forum threads
Over the years, Untold Stories grew from eight members to over 150