Hero image for MagistanHero image for Magistan


  • January 2019
  • university project
  • completed

In my third semester studying communication design, I had the oppurtunity to take part in a class on game design that dealt with why people play. The final project for this class was to create a prototype for a game, either digital or analog, and I decided to go for a traditional card game to balance out a semester otherwise firmly rooted in digital work.

The result is a card-game with the working title of “Magistan”, which allows the players to slip into the role of different magicians robbed of most of their power and trapped in an arena by an evil duke. It is now up to them whether they want to gather enough power through killing monsters to teleport away on their own, or to work together and defeat the duke.

The core gameplay-mechanic revolves around creating different spells from element-cards which are rewarded for killing monsters. It’s an easy system to get into, but it requires careful planning and strategy to fully master.

  • print
  • vectors
  • illustration
  • game design
  • playing cards
Many of the Magistan cards displayed in a tilted grid

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In order to be able to come up with a large amount of monster illustrations in a very short amount of time, I developed a system consisting of multiple separate modules that I could then combine into unique shapes. These monsters all share common attributes, linking them together and to their respective elements, causing a visually interesting, yet compatible appearance. Ideally, this system could have been expanded into a program that would’ve generated a near infinite amount of unique monsters, but unfortunately, I did not have enough time for that.

The Magistan card box with the four element cards spread out in front of it
An exemplary item card, the amulet of water resistance
One of the role cards, the paladin
An exemplary monster card, a level four fire beast