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Get familiar with Figma and improve my vector art skills


  • February 2019
  • personal project
  • completed

I always strive to learn new things and improve existing skills, which is why I set myself the challenge to make one vector illustration every day for the entire month of February in 2019. Every day I either picked a topic myself, or turned to my girlfriend or the internet for inspiration and then continued to make an illustration for said topic, trying to finish in under two hours. Here you can find a compilation of the pieces I’m most proud of.

Personal challenges like that are a great way to improve a skill and make sure that at least a little time is dedicated every day to doing something productive and creative. I feel like I’ve become more confident in my illustration skills and while I’m aware that I still have a long way to go, I’m still proud of what I achieved here.

  • art
  • vectors
  • illustration
  • 2d
  • challenge
  • vic19
The outlines of a campfire
From simple geometric shapes and some boolean magic…
A campfire
…to a lovely campfire, day after day.
A steaming to-go cup of chai
Some some days you just need a nice cup of coffee chai!
A purple fish hanging from a hook
On others, all you get is fish. What?
My personal interpretation of a piranha plant
Portrait of a woman with a hat and blue hair
A pencil with its tip broken off
Some days it was hard to draw…
A self-portrait of me
…and on others I felt confident enough to draw my face.